The Ultimate Decision
The Flying Poet by Steve Boyer

Poems By The Flying Poet

There is nothing in this world that happens by chance. Twenty eight years ago I when I was a Captain for an airline I had a new co pilot for a three day trip. His name was Steve Boyer. Steve and I became great friends. I lost my medical and then lost touch with Steve for over twenty five years. Steve is still flying but the Lord has brought us back together for a reason. Steve and I both went through our trials by fire to come to know the Lord Jesus as our Savior. Now I write Devotionals and Steve writes poetry. Steve's poetry is a gift from the Lord and so is our renewed friendship. I am enclosing some short poems to start but Steve also has longer ones about the Lord that we will be uploading shortly. I pray that you are as blessed as I am. NOTHING happens by chance. Thank you Steve. Your brother, Brad

March 21, 2012


God is Still on his throne so let's be glad and do not groan! He's with us always through thick and thin regardless of where we've been! Life has hurdles bothup and down but God provides in every town! Even for tornado victims of tragic fate, God is there working to clear the slate! He works through others in many ways and his holy spirit really conveys his love for us filled with his saving grace! Which is what we need to enter his place! Praise Jesus Christ the one and only Son of Godto put your life on ground of firmer sod! Bro. Boyer; The Inspirational Poet!


March 20, 2012

Praise the Lord! Live in peace and not by the sword! Many people long and struggle to survive; let's take them in and tell them that Christ is alive! Believeing in him is the only way to reach God's kingdom and eventually stay in God's grace and be ultimately saved! Read Proverbs and you'll find the road that is paved with wisdom and experience that will teach us what to do, to stay on course toward the good life anew! The Daily Devotional Poetry Pilot!


March 7, 2012


We say our brothers are you ready to meet your maker or are you still the thief or the taker? With the world in turmoil and state of despair Christ for us still does care! Remember him in daily prayer and use patience and try not to swear! Take your troubles to The Great iam and pray that he'll protect Uncle Sam! The Lordloves  each one the same so Christ as your savior please proclaim! His goodness and mercy are trully great so today do not hesitate to make Jesus your hero without a doubt and he'll welcome you in ; you'll never be left out! The Daily Devotional Poet!


January 16, 2012


I will pray that many will be saved but its ultimately up to them to find the road that is paved and lined with gold! Yes on Christ they must be sold! Its up to them to commit , to follow Christ and never quit! Don't drift away or get off course! Declare The Lord as your source of your heavenly counsel in the sky! Give Jesus Christ a real try! No you cannot force it one must embrace the righteous man filled with grace and fill the spirit within his heart yes only then can he be set apart! Pray to the Lord to forgive his sin and then the victory he will win to live his life in a different way! Praise Jesus Christ and be saved today! The Early Morning Devotional poet!


January 10, 2012


He'll protect you from evil and there's no doubt that Jesus Christ is what its all about! In these uncertain days filled with terrible sin Christ is the one who will ultimately WIN! Raise him high and give the praise and he'll bring you up out of the Haze because Jesus Christ can work for you so your not sad and blue! Give Him The Praise! The Poet.

January 8, 2012


Oh let the church bells ring on Sunday morn, yes Jesus Christ our Lord was born to save Mankind from an evil fate! Yes my fellow men it’s not too late! Proclaim Christ as your savior in life and he'll protect you from Satan's knife! There's a big fork in life's lonely road so don't drift off with bad seeds sowed! Trust in him despite your fears and dwell with him throughout your years! God advocates love one another as well as your sister and brother! The Arizona Poet!

January 5, 2012

Thank you Brad your extremely kind; a man of God with a spiritual mihd! Your works are good in the eyes of the Lord! Yes now your life has been restored! We're Christains reborn living for Christ and we have sworn to accept totally as Savior today! Halluelah The Lord has paved our way! The road upstairs is a long one indeed but if on God's word we do feed yes Brad no doubt we will be saved and most certainly Christ has paved a beautiful road to heaven above! Some day he'll return on the wings of a snow white dove!The Flying Devotional Poet!

January 3, 2012


You won't fall short of God's wonderful glory with your marvelous incredible story! I have a legacy similar to your life in which I suffered adversity and strife! I left the Lord for a number of years and experienced a life of many types of fears! After 4 eye surgeries and 2 yrs in Nam, the Lord gave me some peaceful calm! Praise be to him The King of Kings , the Almighty Maker of all things who sent his son to take the fall with our sins, Christ did it all! He died, was buried and then arose to prove to man and all his foes that Christ was God's only begotten son who stayed the course for the stretch RUN! Your not a failure if you fail , proclaim Jesus, Christ will prevail! The daily Devotional Poet!


December 20, 2011


In life there's a saying called The Golden Rule that many people ignore because they would rather duel! Its a shame that a lot of the others chose not to respect their neighbors or brothers! With this kind of neglect and hate mankind will certainly suffer an evil fate! Christ reached out to touch us all before he took his final fall! His mission here on this earth was to give love and start a spiritual rebirth! You can make your Ultimate Decision today to accept Jesus as your Savior and pray that this awesome country and all of mankind will find the holy spirit of soul and mind! Merry Christmas! The Daily Devotional Poet!

December 6, 2011


"On Christmas Day Mary delivered a boy, who became a symbol of comfort and joy! Wise Men came following that shining star to honor the birth from afar! No greater man was ever born and to his Lord he had sworn to save mankind from evil sin to and claim the victory, yes Christ did win! A simple carpenter humble and true took the heat for me and you! They staked him out , he bled and died, yes Jesus Christ was crucified! On the third day he arose from the tomb and Satan knows that Christ was strong , he could undergird, then the people spread the word! The Miracle Man of saving grace; the perfect man in space had powers beyond what we could concieve! In him have trust and trully believe!" The Daily Devotional Poet!

November 10, 2011


"If you haven't failed, you haven't tried! Christ is the one for which I've cried! Yes on Xmas day long ago, he was born but was there snow? In a manger on a bed of hay is where the baby Savior lay! Wise men came from the world around when they heard the glorious sound! Peace on earth, good will to men! Let love and goodness block out sin! We pray today for better times and donate our pennies and our dimes to those who really are in need, let's give at Xmas to clothe and feed the poor with a loving heart forevermore! A Christmas Spirit kind of Poem!

November 8, 2011


Its comforting to know The Lord's on the throne and if you worship Him you'll stay in life's zone of love and forgiveness of all your sins which will garner you more victories and wins! Your daily routine should include prayer to the master above who always will share His amazing grace with all who believe if Jesus Christ they will receive! So fellow Christians take some time out to talk to the Lord about your troubles and ills and experience his presence which always fulfills your every need if upon his spirit you will righteously feed! Your Early Morning Devotional Poet!

November 7, 2011

Its comforting to know The Lord's on the throne and if you worship Him you'll stay in life's zone of love and forgiveness of all your sins which will garner you more victories and wins! Your daily routine should include prayer to the master above who always will share his amazing grace with all who believe if Jesus Christ they will receive! So fellow Christians take some time out to talk to the Lord about your troubles and ills and experience his presence which always fulfills your every need if upon his spirit you will righteously feed! Your Early Morning Devotional Poet!

October 26, 2011


The Lord can save you by His grace and if you declare Christ you'll enter his place! Its a personal decision one should make that is very important for heaven's sakes to the Virgin Mary Christ was born and to his Lord he was sworn to lead mankind to love and peace so evil sin would finally cease! However doubters scoffed his name and denied his rightful claim! They persecuted Him and caused Him grief because of their contempt and disbelief! They strung Him out up on a cross and tried to show Him who was boss! He bled and died and arose from the tomb and no longer could they assume that Christ was not God's son, yes his reborn spirit had begun ! The Daily Devotional Poet!


October 25, 2011

The Lord can give encouraging words and lots of strength that undergirds all of us in times of distress if to him our sins we will confess! Yes The Lord in heaven is on the throne asking us to stay in his zone of spiritual ways and daily prayers because He's the one who truly cares! This world is full of traps and snares but the Lord in Heaven dares anyone to challenge his love who sends his gift from above! So fellow Christain's let's unite to spread the news about God's light! You'll be so glad you made the choice to worship Christ and then rejoice! Steve Boyer.

October 18, 2011

If you fail , get up and try some more you never know what The Lord has in store! Yeah tho I walk thru a valley of darkness and sin ill trust in the Lord again and again! Hallelujah to The King of the Jews yes, he's the Man , he'll spread the good news! He healed the leper and made the whore clean! Made the blind to see when he arrived on the scene! Yes Christ used thought-provoking words when he spoke that influenced those who finally awoke about following him and proclaiming him King! This Loving Savior had great tidings to bring! So let Christ into your heart you'll be so glad to make your new start! A beacon in the darkness of night, Yes Jesus Christ is truly God's Light! The Daily Devotional Poet! Steve Boyer

October 17, 2011

Faith is the substance with the evidence unseen; the key to the future of life serene! You must have hope and truly believe and down in your heart you must receive The Lord Jesus Christ, your savior and king who has control over everything! Now many doubters don't like to hear the word of the Lord because they fear what can happen on judgement day but if they take the time to pray and declare Christ as Savior in the air then salvation will be theirs because Jesus Christ really cares! The Daily Devotional Poet! Steve Boyer

October 13, 2011

The Lord will comfort those who seek him out if they keep the faith with a heart that's stout. Turn your problems over to God to put you on a ground of firmer sod! If of your sins you truly confess he'll take away your pressure and stress! The Lord Jesus Christ is The Miracle Man who executed the healing plan! He cured the leper and made the blind to see and returned a prostitute's life to dignity! All these things he did and many more are the works of Christ forevermore! Be loving toward your neighbor and assist the poor and you'll find out what The Lord has in store! The Daily Devotional Poet. Steve Boyer

October 10, 2011

Another day has come , give thanks unto The Lord! Let's us talk with him and stay in accord! We're saved by his grace and his mercy is great protecting us all from a horrible fate! His Love is boundless across this earth, give Christ a shot at a new rebirth! He led by example and forced man to think about comtiting sin which would put him on the brink of falling to Satan and drowning in the drink! Praise and Honor be given to The Lord and then our lives will be restored into a peaceful calm serene, a wonderful feeling if you know what I MEAN! The Early Morning Devotional Poet! Steve Boyer

October 9, 2011

Sadness will come and Sadness will go and yes in Arizona the desert winds will blow! But regardless The Lord is still there up on his throne up in the air! He'll comfort you during times of need if upon him you will feed! So worship The Almighty King on High and give his son Jesus Christ a try! I think you'll find an inner peace within that will reside in you to block out sin! The Sunday Morning Spiritual Poet!  Steve Boyer

October 8, 2011

Praise be to Christ Jesus, The Great I am, our Lord and Savior for Uncle Sam! This country needs Spirit, The Holy Kind to make it through, we're spiritually Blind! Include The Lord in your life , he'll comfort you to remove the strife! A peaceful serenity you'll find yourself in away from Satan's Evil Sin! You'll look at others in a different way since Jesus Christ paved your way!  Steve Boyer

October 2, 2011


Worship the Lord on Sunday Morn! Fellow brothers praise God that Christ was born! The great Redeemer of all mankind possessed an incredible state of mind! He was so good-hearted, the miracle man, a common carpenter in God's Ultimate Plan! So Christains unite in all the nations to praise The Lord with joyous elations! Your Sunday Morning Devotional Poem!




October 1, 2011

The Lord is ALIVE! Pray to him he'll help you survive! Many are sick and feeling ill but God has included them in his WILL! He's always there at your side just asking you to abide in his word, don't pass him by,yes give Jesus Christ a try! Remember he paid an awesome price and then to us he was so nice! Follow me and trust my teachings and listen to my godly preachings! Ill rescue you from a life of sin, to block out Satan from within your heart so walk with him and talk with him, to get your spiritual start! The Early Morning Poet!

September 29, 2011

"Make a joyful sound unto The Lord all ye lands whether it be from across the oceans or on the desert sands! All ye nations enter through his gates of grace to find their souls in God's heavenly place! We pray to God that all the wars will cease and a quiet serenity will be witnessed in the peace! Oh Lord you have made us and we are your sheep, we pray to you now your word we will keep! Psalm 100"
Steve Boyer - The Flying Poet

September 28, 2011

Good Morning Christians from The Ultimate Decision, let Christ be your Savior because of his vision! He led by example with his miraculous acts, yes my brothers those are THE FACTS! So worship him and declare him as King of life everywhere! Every tongue will confess and every knee will bow that Jesus Christ is Lord and HOW! He's a gentle man with a forgiving heart, so friend its time to make the new start, you'll be so happy you accepted Christ The Lord because now you'll be moving toward your place in heaven, the beautiful place that is filled with beauty, love, and GRACE!! The Daily Devotional Poet! 
Steve Boyer

How Great thou Art! Yes my friend get reborn and have a new start ! Proclaim Jesus Christ as your savoir today and your road to heaven will pave the way! Christ was a common man of miracles so rare that he gave so many a terrible scare but faith is the key God wants us to use so that Satan's Evil we will refuse! Just like the conversion of Saul to Paul, The Wicked King who had it all and like Herod who couldn't conceive of a miracle worker, yes he doubted and didn't believe! Jesus Christ is The Lord of Life, pray to him, he'll reduce your strife! You'll gain strength and confidence second to none and you'll walk with him it'll never be done!
The Flying Poet - Steve Boyer

"The Lord is good, The Lord will provide, just keep the faith and he'll remain at your side! Through the darkness and life's raging storm, you'll always find a place that's warm! Just keep the confidence, yes persevere to meet the challenge and block out fear! Reject The Devil and his evil ways and you'll have many joyous days! Remember always The Savior died to save us all when Mary cried! So praise The Lord , The King on the throne, he'll comfort you, your not ALONE!!!!! "
The Flying Poet - Steve Boyer

September 27, 2011
"Make a joyful noise unto The Lord, Live for peace and not by The Sword! Faith is the victor that cannot be beat and Satan will suffer the final defeat! Be bound to The Lord by prayer and gospel song because with Jesus Christ is where you belong! Walk with Him and talk with Him each and every day and take some time my friend to stop and pray! Remember that Christ died for you and me to bear the brunt of sin on High Calvary! He said Father forgive them they know not what they do as he suffered in pain but he wasn't through! He died and then arose to conquer sin so we should let The Dear Savior enter in to our lives to grant us peace! Yes he's has the power to make the wars cease! Praise be to The Lord and count your blessing and today brother start confessing! You'll be so glad that you accepted Christ your Lord that the love in your life will be restored!
The Early Morning Devotional Poetry Pilot!