The Ultimate Decision

“411 For Jesus”


A year ago I was with a phone carrier that was bought out and my service was automatically switched over to another carrier. I took a trip to Northern New York Sate and all of a sudden I couldn’t get a signal or access my e mail. Frustrated would be a polite word. So I called the main number for customer service and all I can say is “Let the Games Begin”. I called customer service and got the voice mail to push one through 90. After a while I finally got the prompt I THOUGHT I needed. THEN the recording came on from Harry Conick Jr. on how well this new service works. I have to tell you that I listened to Harry Conick Jr. about every 3 minutes for 3 hours. Yes 3 hours. A person WOULD FINALLY GET ON THE LINE, only to tell me I should have pushed button #2 on prompt 3 in line 4 on channel 6. Then back to hear Harry Conick Jr.

You know what, I see a commercial with Harry Connick Jr. and I have to turn the channel. All I have to do is hear his voice and my blood pressure goes to the roof. Aren’t you glad this doesn’t happen when we try to get a hold of Jesus?

What would you do if you had to call Jesus? You would get a recording,

“Welcome To Heaven “The Home of Jesus”

If you are saved, press 1

If you are not saved, press 2

OK so you press 1 because you don’t want to know what happens when you press 2.

For an angel, press 1, to see if you are really in the Lambs Book of Life, press 2, for the apostle Paul, press 3 , for Moses, press 4, for all prophets press 5, for the disciples press 6 , if you want to talk with Jesus press *J.

OK you press # instead of * then you go back to a message.

“I didn’t hear your response”, Please listen to all the prompts again. No, No, No, not the prompts again I just want to get to Jesus so you hit 0 for operator and then you hear. “I didn’t understand your selection which means you hit 0 harder (like that will help), AGAIN back to the prompt.

Finally though a miracle Jesus finally gets on the phone with you, you hear a couple clicks and the phone disconnects.


Let us be thankful that we don’t have to call Jesus on the phone. All the other important people in our lives we work with and would like to talk with we have to go through this tirade of voice mail. Isn’t it great that the




ANYTIME we want to talk with Jesus he is there and willing. Let us stop taking for granted who Jesus is and what he has done for you and me. If you are struggling with a co worker, child or parent you don’t have to wait 10 minutes to get through you can get through in an instant. PLUS Jesus already knows your concerns before you ask Him. 411 for Jesus, just call out His name and He is there- ALWAYS anytime day or night.


We have had many prayer requests lately as many of you see the power of the Lord and a place where people are eager to pray. The Lord delights in this and is quick to answer our prayers and ease our burdens. Quit trying to carry the load yourself. Even though friends and co workers may not help you carry the load Jesus will. BUT you need to come to him with a repentant and humble heart. Pray today that you won’t be burdened anymore by the things of this world. Pray that you would be able to give IT ALL over to Jesus and remember it no more and no more voice mail to boot.


Take care