The Ultimate Decision

32 for 31  

This morning the Lord gave me an idea for a new series of devotionals which will be two parts. The first part is that in the Old Testament there is a great book called “Proverbs”. I am going to write a devotional each day for 31 days since there are 31 Proverbs. So why 32? Today I am going to start the lesson so we will have two devotionals for Proverbs 1.

Your challenge is to read the corresponding Proverb. Now here is the great thing about the book of Proverbs. Many people have a tough time deciding on what to read in the Bible. After we are done with this series the best way to read the book of Proverbs since it has 31 Proverbs is to read the Proverb for the day of the month that you are on. If it is the 14th of February then read Proverbs 14.

King Solomon who was King David’s second born child to Bathsheba (their first child died) was given great wisdom from the Lord plus many riches. With this wisdom he wrote the book of Proverbs along with “Agur, son of Jakeh, and Lemuel”. NIV Quest Bible

For tomorrow Friday January 6th please read Proverbs 1. I will do another devotional on Proverbs 1. Actually there is so much material and wisdom that you could write 20 devotionals out of one Proverb. But we will just try 1!

Proverbs 1:23 “If you had responded to my rebuke, I would have poured out my heart to you and made my thoughts known to you.”

Rebuke - A direct and pointed reproof; a reprimand; also, chastisement; punishment. “New Webster’s Dictionary

Proverbs are filled with incredible amounts of wisdom, guidance, attributes of love and correction from God and how to live a godly life here on earth. BUT, I say BUT in order to live a life pleasing to the Lord action is the key to these Proverbs. Many times we can read a verse and then not do anything with it. This next verse is one of the greatest verses in the Bible.

This is why. Many times in our life we ask God, “Show me what your will is”, “Help me to know which way to go”, “Help me to ________” and on and on. Look at this verse again and then let’s switch from back to front.

God would have poured out His heart to YOU and made His thoughts (wisdom) known to you IF, IF, IF YOU had responded to His rebuke. Rebuke here means repentance. Not sorry you got caught but sorry that you sinned against the only one who could save you.

Living for the Lord and experiencing all the great things the Lord has to offer to you starts with a repentant, humble, broken spirit. Not a prideful one. So today as we get into the New Year it is never too late to change. Please pray this with me.

Lord, thank you for saving me but at times I still seem far from you. I know it is not you that has left me but it is I who have wandered into the world and left you behind. Lord please forgive me and help me to stay close to you and not the world. Help me to be in “Awe” of who you are instead of awe for what mortal people can do. Jesus please make this the day that I turn everything over to you and worry no more. Thank you for always hearing my prayers Jesus. I am a sinner who desperately needs you.” Amen

Jesus is always willing not only to forgive but to wipe the slate clean and remember it NO MORE. It is us that brings it up so today let IT go. For tomorrow please read Proverbs 1 and we will have another devotional about what happens when we do not respond to God’s rebuke.

Have an awesome day and look for those who are hurting. God will put them in your path.